Soon We’ll Be Back to Normal

10 hours till we go pick him up! I can’t believe he’s been gone for 3 days. This is the first time he’s been away from home for an extended period of time, in 14 years. What a trip of a life time though.

Ryan left Friday morning at 5:00 from school to Midway Airport. He and 135 8th graders were traveling to Washington D.C. I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time texting before in my life. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the pictures he’s sent me from each of his stops. I’ve never been to D.C. myself, nor has my husband, so when the opportunity arose, we were very supportive of Ryan to take part in this adventure…but what an adventure it’s become…

When I started writing this he was due back in 10 hours at for pick up (and a big hug) at school. Now it’s 7:19 PM, and I should be getting excited that he will be landing at Midway in about 3 hours. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has created some alternative plans. Oh yes, both flights for all the students returning from 2 different airports have been cancelled…is this really happening? Yes, yes it is. There’s an ice storm causing havoc and cancelling flights in and out of Reagan National and Baltimore Washington Airports. This probably wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but I miss him so much. Even his younger sister Taylor wants him back home. She said it’s just not normal around here. I couldn’t agree more.

As I sit here typing, I can hear several planes going overhead. Have to admit it makes me miss him even more. People I’ve talked to ask me what are you going to do, how will he get home, where’s he going to stay, does he have enough money with him? I will say this, the company the trip is hosted through, is taking care of everything. They have now rescheduled all the students to return home tomorrow on 4 different flights…of course Ryan is on the very last flight. He’ll be back at school for me to pick him up at 11:30 PM. All meals, the extra night hotel, and another full day of sight seeing has all been arranged and paid for by the travel company. So other than me just missing my boy, he is definitely being taken care of. I’m very thankful to them and the teachers chaperoning.

So now I have to wait 27 more hours to see him and hold him…this poor kid! What’s college going to be like?! Thank goodness high school is only 4 miles from our house…I better get a grip! ha ha. Well, my cell phone is ringing, it’s Ryan! So I’ve got to go for now. Soon we’ll be back to normal!

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16 Responses to Soon We’ll Be Back to Normal

  1. kmurphy1027 says:

    I can feel your anxiety throughout the entire post! How exciting for Ryan, though! I am glad he is safe and having a good time. And I am so glad that you decide to complete this challenge. I look forward to reading your slices, Tammy!


  2. peteacher1 says:

    Great first slice Tammy! What an adventure is right! He will have so many more memories as this has become a different situation than was planned. No worries, mom! I am sure he is having a blast! I love the way you ended with your title!


  3. ccahill2013 says:

    Wow. I can feel the wave of emotions running through your piece. So honest. So real. Get that boy home!!!!


  4. I bet he is going to get a giant hug when you see him! Great writing! Such emotion Tammy!


  5. Dana Murphy says:

    Your love for him and your missing him is loud and clear here. Get home, kid!

    The 8th graders are probably thrilled to get another night in a hotel, another night away from home. I mean, I’m sure they miss home and all…. 🙂


  6. crobertson says:

    Tammy, I get it! Boy do I get it. Your piece makes me think of the day…really only the night I spent without Braeden. The first night without my boy in two years. You’ve captured your emotions so well, I was drawn in. That hug will be a little tighter and longer 🙂


  7. Katie Diez says:

    I have a feeling that all too soon, I will be experiencing this same anxiety. I loved the build up in your piece. I loved the image of planes flying over your head, and how that made you miss Ryan even more. I think he will love this piece! I hope he made it back safe!


  8. cjhamilton9 says:

    Tammy, I don’t want my kids to go anywhere now. I have to be with them at all times. I felt your anxiety level rising with every step ticking away. I can visualize you taking deep breaths when the flights were rescheduled. I felt like I was on a roller coaster as I read your piece. I was up and down and not sure when it would end. Ugh! This was a great start to your month long challenge. Welcome!


    • tzawacki15 says:

      Thanks Colandra…I’m down to 9 hrs and counting 🙂 Of course now all the text messages are whether or not he’s going to school tomorrow!! (guess that’s the first step of things getting back to “normal,” ha ha).


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