Are you kidding??

It’s 5:54 PM. The dogs are sleeping near by me as I can hear each snoring breath. When I look up at them, our Pug-Roxi is laying on Zippy-our Puggle. They don’t seem to have a care in the world. Life is good.

Taylor is in her room, I’m sure talking with her friends on the phone. That alone can drive me crazy between the text messages and face timing. How did we ever survive? Better yet, how would they ever survive in the world we grew up in?? Upstairs I hear the occasional laughing, so I’d say life is pretty good for her too.

Joe is upstairs watching TV. In between watching I know he’s checking the markets on his computer and making a call or two on the phone about work. But now he’s getting a bit riled up…and for once it’s not work that’s causing this.

I’m sitting here on the computer. I’ve been thinking about what I was going to write about today. I’ve also been keeping tabs on Ryan’s flight status. But now it’s pretty clear what I’m writing about. Oh, and there’s no need to check the status of Ryan’s return flight home because he just called. His flight is now delayed 40 minutes…REALLY?! Is this actually happening?? ALL three of the other flights have taken off or landed. Those students are either back home, landing at the airport, or their flight is about to take off. But the one lonely flight scheduled at a different airport is now delayed. Now I understand what Joe was getting agitated about. All I can do is talk to Ryan and reassure him (and myself) that at some point he will make it home. UGH!!! I have to remind myself he’s not alone and he’s safe.

Well, I took a break from finishing this, it’s now 8:54. Ryan has FINALLY left Baltimore Washington Airport, and is in the air and on his way home!!! Now to wait 3 more hours to see him. Boy do I miss that kid!!

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5 Responses to Are you kidding??

  1. He will always be your baby! He is lucky to have a great mom like you! He will be home soon!

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  2. Leigh Anne says:

    I am sure that is so hard to sit and wait on something you have no control over. Hopefully the three hours go by quickly!


  3. Dana Murphy says:

    I can’t believe that child is not home yet!! Ryan, come home! Your mom is missing you terribly! I know you’ll breathe such a sigh of relief when you finally wrap your arms around him. 🙂 It’s the trip that just keeps on giving!


  4. tzawacki15 says:

    It’s 10:43 Dana, he just landed 🙂 and I’ve already forewarned him about the hug!


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