Full Moon

Looking up at the sky on a crystal clear night. Stars are flickering against the dark night sky. I can’t help but notice an enormous spotlight shining from the sky. It’s so beautiful to look at, I catch myself staring into the light. Almost losing myself in its glow. This full moon, only happens about every 30 days. I love sitting out on my deck when life around has settled down for a nights rest. I sit admiring and at times even taking pictures, although pictures don’t do it justice. But I know what I saw and just how big and brilliant it was.

But why is it, approximately every 30 days, this full moon wreaks havoc on these sweet, innocent, young children? Why does it seem to coincide- full moon means a busier than usual day at school??  Does the moon really hold that power to agitate adults and children, and make them act a little out of the ordinary??  Oh my…it is that time…here’s hoping each one of you encounters a calm, quiet, uneventful, zen-like Full Moon Thursday!

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5 Responses to Full Moon

  1. erinjohnson7 says:

    Oh I think about that all the time! It’s like it really does have powers! So far so good over here though!


  2. kmurphy1027 says:

    A full moon is often the time that it is busy. I am convinced that there is something to it, I just wish I knew what it was!


  3. mrssurridge says:

    Thanks for the new label for our monthly phenomenon–Full Moon Thursday. Those three words say so much! Beware!


  4. peteacher1 says:

    I like the contrast of this piece, Tammy! You have all the positives of the beautiful moon, only followed by the negatives. Nice idea! What a picture this description created for me…”an enormous spotlight shining from the sky.” Very cool!


  5. rissable says:

    It isn’t a wonder that the words lunacy and lunatic come from lunar!!! Would be interesting to delve into when these beliefs began.


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