The Cake

Joe reminds me that I need to order Ryan’s cake. I have to admit, ordering the cake did slip my mind. Saturday he’s making his confirmation, so I really need to get this cake ordered by tomorrow. Luckily, we have a fantastic bakery very close to our house. I start perusing the website to see what they have to offer…holy cow!! There are 40 religious cakes to choose from. This was supposed to be a simple, do you want this one or this one, kind of choice. 40?

I call my mom and we’re both looking over all the choices. Right away many of the cakes are eliminated. We both agreed either a cross cake or half sheet cake would be the one. Now there’s only 28 left to choose from. Wait, we can eliminate RE 12, my mom asks why. I’m sorry but it looks like a coffin. NO WAY! That’s definitely out. I think at this point my mom thinks (or maybe assumes) I’ve lost my mind! Eventually we narrow the margin down to 5 cakes.

I asked Ryan which he would like since the cake is for him. He replies I don’t care which cake as long as there’s a lot left over. I laughed reassuring him there will definitely be leftovers. Again I show him the 5 cakes. He replies, I don’t want these three because they’re pink…really?? We choose the colors. He laughs and says okay, this one but I don’t want light blue, pink or purple, or any color blue…I want orange, green and yellow. Who is this kid? Does he not see the theme of colors on the page in front of him? He notices the look on my face as I tell my mom the colors he’s wanting. She’s silent on the other end and now Ryan is laughing…He thinks it’s hysterical and repeats the colors…apparently he also is unaware that now I’ve been trying to pick out just the right cake for him for 45 minutes! This isn’t the Cake Boss, it shouldn’t take this long! He’s still very amused by this and says, okay you can have some blue with green frosting. He gets up and runs upstairs smiling.

The big cake decision is over! I never expected this to take 45 minutes!

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5 Responses to The Cake

  1. I always thought cake decisions would be about the type or the frosting color and the decorations but never about the shape and all those other considerations. Congrats on the confirmation – cake or not!


  2. Marie Nixon says:

    Wow! I am wondering how the bakery came up with 40 different choices? I to have been overwhelmed when picking out a cake and I only had 10 choices! I love that he settled on some blue with green! Great slice!


  3. anita says:

    You had me smiling on this wonderful build-up! Great post!


  4. rissable says:

    You make me giggle…but is it possible that we have way too many choices, especially in the deodorant aisle of the grocery store?!


  5. bbutler627 says:

    Well we never know what minute deals will suck up our time in advance as parents, do we? I love that the cake took you 45 minutes. It would take me as long too. I mean what else is there really to do in the details for a communion? The suit? This is great and I can hear your self-deprecating humor. So glad I FINALLY found your blog. There’s so many of you this year… Nice to “hear” you again, Tammy 🙂


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