Ready, Set, Go…

One for the money…Two for the show…Three to get ready…and four to GO!!


Hey Principals are you ready? READY! Hey Teachers are you ready? READY! Hey Students are you ready? READY! Hey Tech Staff are you ready? READY!

What time is it??? GAME TIME…no, What time is it??? TEST TIME!!!

Oh Boy, that time is here…instead of let the games begin….Let PARCC begin…Good Luck!

Ready, Set, GO…

(my mind has been on this a bit today…as I’ve spent today consoling not only my own kids and answering their questions,  but I also spent some time at Taylor’s softball practice, unexpectedly consoling some of the girls, but even more their parents!)

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7 Responses to Ready, Set, Go…

  1. Love this! Whether we like it or not… it is coming!

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  2. nbressanelli says:

    Another reason why I love teaching pre-k. Saying an extra prayer for all of the staff and students, good luck and may your stress ease.

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  3. Kim K says:

    This is great ! Made it through a round today- I think the grownups were more anxious than the kids!

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  4. peteacher1 says:

    Really cute slice, Tam! I like the fun you had with it!

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