Finally she got a chance!

My daughter has played travel softball, this being her 4th year. She has played for the same organization for all four year (and is actually the only girl on the team that can say that). She is a south-paw pitcher and first baseman. She loves the game.

Taylor began truly pitching at 8 yrs. old. I laugh thinking back to when I first had her throw a ball underhand…we didn’t know where the ball was going! A couple times she forgot to let go and threw it behind her. That was pretty funny! When she was 8 yrs old, she played on a part time travel team and quickly became the #2 pitcher! As time has gone on, she’s now taking pitching lessons once a week (because we really need more to do in each week!) This has been going on for 2 1/2 years.

Last year she was our team’s #1 pitcher. She overall had a great season and really peaked at Nationals. This year in the fall season, with a new bunch of girls, she struggled a bit. She was only put in two games to pitch, but was the winning pitcher both times. This weekend was the beginning of our spring/summer season. Her team was playing in the Chicago Bandits Dome in a tournament. In the four games her team played she was given the opportunity to pitch against one of the top 12u teams in our area (and also from our same organization). Of course I was a nervous wreck, but I couldn’t let her know that! Even though they lost the game 4-2, she pitched great! She was hitting her spots using three of her pitches, and only walked one batter. I was so proud of her!! Maybe her coaches will take note and see that she’s putting in the time to improve herself.

Today, she didn’t start the game, but was told if the other girl got into trouble then she would come in for relief…guess what?? In the 2nd inning, the starting pitcher got into a lot of trouble. The coach said, “are you ready?” Taylor said yes and began putting on her mask and her glove. Once again, I became so nervous! I yelled out to her, “you got this kid, one pitch at a time.” And that’s what she did. She came in and did her thing. By the last inning, she was throwing as hard as I’ve ever seen her throw. I’m hoping this is her turning point and the coaches are gaining more confidence in her. I know she can do it, but she has to keep proving herself and regaining that confidence in herself.

Her team did end up losing the game 10-0, but only a couple of those runs were hers. Yes, I am a very proud mama!!

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One Response to Finally she got a chance!

  1. kmurphy1027 says:

    Those chances will come more and more if she continues to work hard!

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