What is a best friend? Someone who is special to you. Someone who will do just about anything for you and go anywhere with you. Someone you can laugh with and someone you can cry with. A best friend is your person.

Growing up I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few best friends- three to be exact. One has been my best friend since I started at a new school in 5th grade. She and I just clicked. We did everything together. And if ever there were two people who were pretty opposite each other, it was Kay and I. I was quiet, shy, and for the most part kept to myself, except when it came to sports. Kay on the other hand was very much not quiet, very out going, loved being around people, and she too loved sports. We attended the same high school, but went to different colleges. When the time came for each of us to get married, we were each others maid of honors. We don’t live by each other anymore. Kay lives where we grew up in the Quad Cities. After college, I moved to the Chicago area. One of the most bizarre things is that almost every single day when I look to see what time it is, whether it’s morning or at night,the clock will say 11:11. That’s kind of crazy. How can this happen almost every single day? See the funny thing is, Kay’s number in basketball and softball in high school  and in college was number 11. When she got married, it was June 11. Every time I see that number 11, I automatically think of Kay and all the good times we’ve had together, and I’m quickly reminded why she is my BFF.

Another best friend was someone I knew from the time I was 4 yrs old. He was a year older than me and his little brother was a year younger than me. We did everything together. Even at that young of an age. This is completely dating myself, but we even went on Romper Room together! When I was 5yrs old my family moved away, so I didn’t see him anymore. Or at least not for four years when we moved again. Guess who lived three houses down? Yup, it was David and Mike. David was about 6’6” and a great basketball player. We played one on one everyday possible. We were always together. God unfortunately had another plan for him. When he was 18yrs old and on his was to East Texas State University to play basketball, he was killed when his car crossed the center line and was hit head on by a semi. This was devastating. He was my best friend. He was the closest person I’d ever had in my life, to being my brother. How is this fair? Why him? I still needed him in my life. He hasn’t lived his life yet. There were of course thousands of other questions going through my head. What ended up happening was from that moment on June 4, I was dedicating the rest of my basketball and softball career playing not only for myself but in memory of David. I’d have to say I’m pretty sure I made him proud with how things turned out. I ended up going to college on a softball scholarship. But I think David played more of a role in my life than I ever expected, or at least I like to think that. Which leads me to my third BFF.

You see, while in college, little did I know this guy I met through one of my teammates, would end up being someone I felt I had known my whole life. This guy stood at 6’4″. He was skinny and was also a very good basketball player. This guy also had dark brown hair and was really good looking. We were just friends, but we were inseparable. We went everywhere together. We even tried taking at least one class a semester together even though he was a year ahead of me. This guy was something more than just my best friend. This guy became my husband 22 years ago this Friday. This guy is my Joe. Joe is my BFF.

I don’t know where I would be without having these three precious people in my life. Each one entered into my life at varying times in my childhood and young adulthood. Each one a precious gift. I am the luckiest girl to have Kay, David and especially Joe in my life. These are my BFF’s!!!

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9 Responses to BFF’s

  1. Jen Cherry says:

    You are very lucky 🙂 Nice tribute to your besties today!


  2. tammyyoga says:

    How blessed you are to have so many special people in your life. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. peteacher1 says:

    Great piece, Tammy! So intimate. I love how you described each BFF – so different and played different roles in your life. I wanted to keep reading more and more about each one. Your tie in at the end with Joe and your anniversary was creative. I am so glad you joined this challenge. I have learned so much more about you!


  4. litcoach64 says:

    What a wonderful topic on which to write!! Each friend was different, yet so important to you. Through your writing, you let us meet each one.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a wonderful tribute… beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your BFF’s with us.

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