March 20

A mutual friend sort of introduced us. He belonged to a fraternity, why would he be interested in someone who was of all things on the softball team? I wasn’t a sorority girl. I loved sports and that’s what I wanted to do when I wasn’t in class and studying. The last time I checked, frat boys enjoyed playing sports and especially having parties. I guess what better than to become friends with this boy who played basketball,volleyball,  was a quarterback and played slowpitch softball for his fraternity. His name was Joe.

I expected him to not really be interested in me, but boy was I wrong. He actually came up to me during his football game and started talking with me just about random things- one of which was the party they were having later that night. He told me he hoped to see me there. Then he ran back onto the field as his team got the ball back. Wow, did that really just happen? I had a big smile on my face and said I’ll see you tonight.

This was the start of something I never expected the day I left home for college. Growing up in my neighborhoods there weren’t many girls. I was used to hanging out and playing in the neighborhood with boys. Now I’m by myself at college and I’ve met this boy. We just hit it off. We talked everyday and multiple times a day. This friendship felt like a friendship I had had all my life. Joe and I were instant friends.

This friendship grew into a bit more than just that. There was a dance Joe’s fraternity was having. He didn’t ask one of the sorority girls, he asked me to be his date. That dance on December 4th changed our relationship. It continued to grow and grow over the years.

About three years after I graduated, Joe proposed to me. About two and a half years later on March 20th, I married my best friend. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, but we’ve stuck together. Through buying our first home, to building our first house, to suddenly losing your Dad, to suddenly losing our first son, to buying our first dog, to having our first healthy baby boy, and to having our first healthy baby girl, I am blessed and ever so thankful that 22 yrs ago, we both said, “I do!”

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5 Responses to March 20

  1. What a wonderful story of love, life and counting blessings!

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  2. peteacher1 says:

    Awe, Happy Anniversary! You captured so much in not so many words. I have to learn how to do that. I hear your doubt about why me, but you followed your heart. The ending is great – so many firsts together – makes you realize just how fortunate you are! 🙂

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  3. mamraen says:

    What a beautiful story. Yes, guys are the best-friends. Happy Anniversary!!!

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