Sweet Frog

It’s probably not what you’re thinking…

After dinner tonight Ryan and Taylor were asking to go for ice cream. I asked them, what about going for frozen yogurt. Both agreed to yogurt (which was shocking in itself!)  After what’s been yet another busy Saturday filled with a pitching lesson and later a hitting lesson, plus running here and there for groceries and a few other odds and ends, frozen yogurt sounded good.

Taylor ended up asking a friend, who also happens to be her catcher, to go with. We met my parents at Sweet Frog. The choices of yogurt and toppings are endless! Will it be Red Velvet, Turtle Sundae, Mint, Country Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake, Cake Batter (my absolute favorite!), or Cotton Candy, just to name a few. After making this difficult decision, now it’s onto the toppings! Oh my goodness…there’s a variety of fruit, different cookies, chunks of various candy bars, gummy worms both regular and sour, variety of cereals, and more… it’s not over just yet…now there’s hot fudge, caramel, strawberry and peach topping. And last, please don’t forget with or without whip cream!

Phew…I look over once I’ve managed my bowl of yogurt and toppings, to see that Bella has hers ready. But when I look at Taylor and Ryan, BOTH of their bowls are over flowing! Ryan has blue and white yogurt mounded over the top of the bowl. Taylor’s is literally floating in hot fudge! We all looked at her and just laughed! I had to remind her not to laugh because as her arms were shaking  from laughing, the hot fudge was beginning to drip down the side. All I could do was laugh, shake my head and of course hand her a napkin.

Sweet Frog was a perfect ending to this day.

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3 Responses to Sweet Frog

  1. Gael Lynch says:

    Laughing is such great medicine! It was a great day for frozen yogurt! YUM!

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  2. I just adore how your descriptions really bring this piece to life…the day, the array of possibilities, the individual bowls of fro yo. You are making me want to go to our version of Sweet Frog, called Kiwi! So glad it was a sweet end of your day!

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  3. Kim K says:

    Oh those places are soooo good, and soooo dangerous. I always walk away with a bowl weighing almost as much as me. Yummy slice!

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