Treat them Individually

Kids come and go, in and out of my office. What will the next one bring? Will there be a problem between students? Will someone be sad because of something outside of their control? Will someone just need a break? I never know what question or statement will be made.

Between  a statement made by a student who was in the middle of dealing with some things, and as I was reading some of the blogs this morning, a nerve was struck. As adults we come to school day after day because it’s our job, our responsibility, our choice and our desire. As a student you are expected and required by law to attend school, and most students also have a desire to be in school.

No one knows what the others have gone through before arriving at school. No one knows the “baggage” another is bringing with them to school. If it were just that easy to leave your bags at the door, school would be so much smoother for so many. But that’s not how life works, that “baggage” comes with. There are adults that struggle with leaving what happened at home, at home. How do we expect students to do this? They’re still learning, they’re still growing, they’re still figuring out how to manage their school lives with their home lives. This is not an easy task. Students need our help. At times we need each other’s help as well.

Yes, students need our help. There are times they just need to be left alone, or maybe they need a break and/or to talk to someone, or maybe they don’t want to talk about it and just want to focus on their next class or assignment. Each student needs to be treated individually. We as educators need to be there for them. There are so many situations and possibilities to write them all out would be endless.

But what can we do as adults? Treat each student individually, and handle each situation with each student individually…That’s a starting point.


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8 Responses to Treat them Individually

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    Amen! It’s so easy, especially in your position, to treat all kids the same as it becomes almost a conveyer belt of kids coming and going. But your slice highlights how important it is to not let that happen. Treat them all as individuals. Yes, ma’am.

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  2. spiffygryphy says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! We have a department goal this year, given to us by administration: X% of students will perform at X level. What good does that do? If my students reach X%, should I not worry about the rest? Is it ok if some students aren’t learning? Reaching X% doesn’t tell me anything about what works and what doesn’t. Too many kids expected to fit a certain mold. It’s disappointing.


    • tzawacki15 says:

      It’s great to reach that goal of X%, but definitely don’t stop there…keep going!!!! To get to X%, it may take a variety of paths to get to one goal… keep em moving forward spiffygryphy!!

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  3. Leigh Anne says:

    Many times teachers are the only positive person in a student’s life and school is the best place. Sure makes me grateful for what my own children have.

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  4. showgem says:

    So true. As a kid I came to school with some baggage that I stuffed under my desk and tried to ignore. School was a good distraction. I will always remember my 5th grade teacher,Mrs. Richeson. giving me a hug. As an adult I can’t help thinking she had a sense that I needed one and I will never forget that.

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