Today it Became Real

Today when I got home from work, I was greeted by one of my dogs. My husband was upstairs working. Ryan was in his room talking to a friend. Taylor was in her room face timing a friend from school (apparently they didn’t have enough time to talk at school). My other two dogs were asleep on our bed.

Hmm, this isn’t how this usually works. Where’s the sound of claws sliding across the wood floor as the dogs knock over whatever’s in their way to rush to the door to meet me? Where’s Taylor who’s usually sitting at the kitchen table finishing her homework? Okay, Ryan is in his normal spot, but he usually comes down and I’m greeted with a hug and how’s your day mom? And eventually Joe comes down to laugh at the dogs reaction of me walking in the front door…but not today.

Today I was greeted with, “Tam there’s something on the table you need to take care of right away.” Have to admit, I didn’t like the tone or any part of what Joe said. When I look on the table there’s Ryan’s birth certificate and a letter from Lincoln Way North High School…They’re in need of a copy of his birth certificate in order to finish his registration. So does this mean if I don’t bring them a copy of it, I can keep my boy as a boy and not have to accept the fact he’s graduating 8th grade and going into high school?? Will that work? Lord, give me strength (and a lot more patience)!

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5 Responses to Today it Became Real

  1. tammyyoga says:

    Interesting way to share how things were different.

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  2. kmurphy1027 says:

    Yes, that is exactly what you need to do, Tammy! Now, remind me of this in 5 years when I am going through this with my oldest!

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  3. Oh, high school! I can’t even imagine that. Right now Kindergarten is looming and I can’t even imagine how that transition will go. High school… wow!

    Enjoy the last few months of him being in middle school.

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    • tzawacki15 says:

      I remember thinking those exact thoughts Stacey! It’s scary, but at the same time amazing to see how’s he’s developed into a young man (although I tell him he’s always my little boy 🙂 )


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