How do you keep things straight?

How does one keep a weekly, and sometimes daily schedule straight? What techniques, ideas, formats do people use?

The most commonly used schedule keeper is a calendar. Now this comes in various formats. You have calendars you can hang on your fridge, desk calendars both at home and at work, computers, iPads, phones, iPod, etc. all have calendars. The intention of these calendars is to write things down so you are able to visibly see them. This makes sense. Calendars connected to technology are again a visual reminder, but even more so, these amazing pieces of technology also have added features of audio alerts. What an amazing invention! The calendar is truly a life saver of reminders and organization.

So my next question completely directed to myself is, with all the amazing features and offerings you are able to create with a personal calendar (no matter the type), why oh why is it that I still forget things when it’s right there in print on my calendar?!!!

So here’s my advice to all: When you write or type something on your calendar, make sure you take time to actually READ it in the following days!!!! (yes, I kind of missed somewhere I was supposed to be tonight…luckily it was something small, but even still, very frustrating!) Happy Day 27 of slicing!!

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3 Responses to How do you keep things straight?

  1. I struggle with this all the time!!! I always have good intentions of a planner or a calendar, I write things down, and somehow still forget them. My phone has been the best thing, just because I can set a reminder to go off for me.

    Glad you didn’t miss something too big!

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  2. MaryHelen says:

    Very true. I was nodding in agreement thinking of the times I missed something. Even though I have the daily schedule written, I sometimes post a sticky note on the edge of my computer screen in order to not forget. I liked your questioning technique and asides in your piece.

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  3. Malekka says:

    I must write my appointment in my calendar or I will not remember! My struggle is actually looking in my calendar! Glad what you missed was minor, thank god!!

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