Stinky feet

This slice was not an idea I came up with myself. It’s compliments of my son Ryan. He thought he was being funny in his old age of 14, as he was taking off his shoes and socks and said, “hey mom, you should write about stinky feet.” Then he threw his, not so fresh sock, at me…

Stinky feet was a game we would play when the kids were babies. You know the game. Well, it’s not quite what it used to be 14 yrs and two kids later. I think it’s a natural thing to do with a baby, when changing their clothes or  playing with them on the floor, to grab their feet, clap them together, and yes even smell them. There’s something so beautiful about touching babies skin and smelling that unique baby smell. I would kiss my son and daughter’s feet as babies.

Once they became a few months older, they really began smiling and reacting to faces and playing peek-a-boo. I remember using their feet to hide my face in the early stages of peek-a-boo. I believe in this moment peek-a-boo turned into a game of stinky feet. This brought on some very deep belly laughing by my kids which no doubt was reciprocated by me as well. I loved playing stinky feet with them. Taking a deep breath, smelling their baby and toddler feet, and responding, “uhh, pee-you!!” and of course they love the stinky face made by their silly mommy, as she pushed their feet away, but she always came back for more.

Well, 12 and 14 years later…It’s no longer a game, or at least not for me! After they’ve been outside playing for a long time or if they’ve had a game, there are times I most definitely still respond, “uhh, pee-you!!”, but I think that may also be followed with me saying something more about the smell of their feet. If I shared that, I would be in trouble with my kids 🙂 There’s no longer a stinky feet game like when they were little. I miss those days for sure. I miss my babies stinky feet.

Thank you Ryan for the idea of stinky feet for my slice of life today 🙂

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2 Responses to Stinky feet

  1. What a precious slice. Stinky Feet! The kids grow up but know what will bring us down Memory Lane.

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