Ugh….both kids need braces…how is this going to work? How can we afford 2 at once? Do I leave the final decision to get them or not with each kid- and maybe one will say I don’t want them. So then they can get them and pay for them themselves as an adult? My mom laughed and thought I was crazy with that statement. Personally I thought I was on to something, ha ha.

Everyone I talked to and everything I researched all made the same recommendation- set up at least 2-3 different orthodontist appointments to see what each has planned, the cost, they types of braces used, and most importantly to see who you and your kids feel the most comfortable with. So over winter break, the search began…

The first appointment I left there completely taken back by a statement made by my son. Now he’s 15, a freshman in high school, and went into this whole orthodontist thing wanting no part of it what so ever! When we were in the car leaving, I of course was recapping the people we met, what Dr. Lisa had to say, and I wanted my kids feelings over everything. To my surprise Ryan said, if we have to get braces, I want her. If I have to do this I’m not going to anyone else. Mom, just sign us up and let’s get this over with…lol. Wow, was this my kid?? I asked Taylor what she thought. Taylor being Taylor said I like her, she was pretty nice. So there it is, our decision was made. Once we got home I made the call, got an appointment for each scheduled, and now we’re embarking on the braces journey.

Brace face, tinsel mouth, train tracks, call them what you want, we’re now into our 3rd week of having braces! I was a bit leery that we weren’t going to survive 3 days let alone 3 weeks. Let the straightening begin!!!

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2 Responses to Braces

  1. khays41 says:

    Good luck! The best advice–Teeth are not tools!


  2. Dar says:

    Wow!! Braces for two…..THAT must be quite the experience. You, of course, will survive, but I’m guessing you’ll have more “bloggable” moments to share in the future. I’ll be back to read them.


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