Spelling Bee

I have my list…

It’s 4 days before the District Spelling Bee.

  • Judges…check
  • send judges an email reminder…this weekend
  • Word Caller…check (thank God for Cathy!)
  • 5 copies of rules…print copy Monday
  • 5 copies of word list…check
  • 5 folders…check
  • pencils…check
  • 5 stop watches… working n it…
  • copy of participant names for each principal…print copies Monday
  • copies of 3rd-8th social studies and science books…check
  • list of participants…printing clean copy this weekend
  • update my introduction…finishing this weekend
  • check with students to turn in if they’re attending or not…Monday
  • Make phone calls to parents…Monday
  • signed certificates…check
  • trophies…check

Now to figure out what I’ve forgotten and add it to my list! This is it, I’ve got this!!



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5 Responses to Spelling Bee

  1. Dana Murphy says:

    Who would have thought a Spelling Bee was so much work?! Good luck!


  2. JulieK says:

    Much luck with your spelling bee.


  3. Kim K says:

    OH the Spelling Bee! That list looks intense- good luck!


  4. Darlene says:

    Ha ha woman after my own heart. Good Luck. You’ve got this.


  5. ccahill2013 says:

    This is It indeed!!! Yippee!!!


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