Is spring on its way?

Is it possibly right around the corner??

IMG_1566 (1)

I sure hope this is a good sign!! Yes, that red blob in the center of this picture is indeed a Cardinal!! I was getting out of my car today as this beautiful creature (okay, let me rephrase that…it’s the symbolism that makes it a beautiful creature), swooped down from one tree to another in front of our house. I know we have been blessed this year with our extremely mild winter, and I’m going to say I’m still ready for the warmer temperatures.  Is it time to put away the snow boots, big winter coats (for those extreme temp days), and I’d especially love to get the ice scrapper out of my truck!!

It is safe to say, I’m ready for spring…I’m ready to see what beauty and challenges spring has to offer. Is spring on its way? I hope it’s right around the corner!!

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9 Responses to Spring???

  1. I wish I lived where there were cardinals – what a great way to signal the possibility of spring around the corner. It will be the swans taking leave that will signal spring for me.


  2. Kim K says:

    While that bird is beautiful and your writing is as well, no thank you. Winter can stay and the racket that those creatures bring can stay away. 🙂 I still like the slice though.


  3. Holly says:

    I hope it’s on its way! Your post made me stop and reminisce tonight. My granny and I sort had an unspoken challenge for who would see the first Robin. I loved making that phone call and saying I saw one! I loved it even more, if I was the first to make the call. I miss her each year when that orange breasted bird lands in my yard for the first time each spring.


  4. Oh, how I would love to get the ice scrapper out of my car. I actually look forward to packing away my winter clothes for the season.


  5. Seeing a cardinal is certainly a good sign that spring is coming! I’ve heard a couple of birds chirping outside of my bedroom window for about a week now. I’m sure their friends will be following suit soon.


  6. baabazuzu10 says:

    Love the pic and the slice… how do you do that? put the pic in?


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