I won’t give up

I am really struggling today with my slice. I’ve started writing three different times, and three times I’ve come to a point of I don’t like how that sounds, or I don’t like where this is going so I’ve stopped. I haven’t deleted anything, hoping another day when I look back something will strike a chord with me and it will then make sense. But for right now I’m struggling…this sort of makes me think about my daughter’s softball practice today. She struggled. I know she was wanting to quit, but she didn’t. She kept making the same mistake several times working on a play, and I know she wanted to quit. I know right now I’m a little frustrated. I’m going to live by my daughter’s example and not give up. I took on this Slice of Life writing challenge, writing for 31 days, and I’m going to see it through, even though today I’m struggling.

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2 Responses to I won’t give up

  1. hela124 says:

    Looks like you found your slice after all!


  2. jess2e28 says:

    I feel your struggle! It’s funny…when you’re doing this challenge, you look everywhere for inspiration for a slice…and sometimes it clicks and other times it doesn’t. Good thing you have a daughter who pushes through the struggle to help you out today! (Love that she’s playing softball…reminds me of someone who use to coach softball) 🙂


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