Fit Bit

Yes, I have a Fit Bit.I sometimes question myself why…why do you have this thing? you don’t use it like you hear of many people you work with. They’re challenging each other daily, keeping track of where each other is at with their steps. I’ll be the first to admit, I really can’t keep up with that…okay, let’s be honest. It’s not that I CAN”T keep up, I’m not that motivated to WANT to keep up like that on a daily basis.

I do wear my Fit Bit every day. Every day I will look to see how many steps. Every day I will look to see how those steps translate into miles. There have been some days my eyes about pop out of my head…really?? I have really walked over 5 miles all while just doing my job and going about my normal day activities…Wow, I’m sorry, but I impress myself when I see numbers like that. It just goes to show me that if I want to, yes, I can do it.

7,874…hmmm… considering I was sitting for longer portions of today with PARCC testing, I don’t think 3.30 miles is too bad, and the night isn’t over 🙂

Yes, I have a Fit Bit…I have a Fit Bit to challenge myself from week to week, and day to day.

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3 Responses to Fit Bit

  1. khays41 says:

    I don’t have one. I think I want one. But then would it just another ‘thing’ I cannot operate? You know like like the fancy TV remote? So I probably won’t get one. What made you decide to get one?


    • tzawacki15 says:

      Honestly, there have been days at school when I’ve felt like I’d run a 5k…I’m not a runner, so my curiosity got the best of me- how much do I walk in a day? So I decided to get one. Now I realize that if I put a little more effort, I could really make a difference in my “exercise routine,” and health!

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  2. Loralee says:

    Way to go! Sounds like the FitBit is encouraging!


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