All I can say is what a week!!Softball practice, pitching lesson, hitting lesson, School Board Meeting, Spelling Bee, PARCC testing (of course), Family Literacy Night, and I can’t leave out Skunkapalooza ( the name we came up with for our playground visitor before school started Wednesday)…. My legs (and Fitbit) are constant reminders of how much walking I’ve done in only 5 days. Knowing this was going to be a busy week, my goal was to take one day at a time making it through each day the best I could, and I honestly couldn’t wait to make it to Friday…Friday which I was hopeful would be somewhat of a “normal” day. After Monday through Thursday, today was more of the day I was hoping for…no late night school activities, no practices or lessons, and no critters at school! (Now tomorrow it’s okay that I don’t turn on my alarm- like I did Wednesday making me 40 minutes late, or turn the alarm off and then fall back asleep making me 30 minutes late- like I did this morning, ugh!!)   T.G.I.F.!!!!

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4 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. I felt tired all over again after reading about your busy week! Isn’t it hard to hang on until Friday sometimes? I definitely want to hear more about Skunkapalooza!


  2. Skunkapalooza! All the kids wanted to slice about it!


  3. I completely understand. I am happy that it is Friday. I was even happier when the bell rang at 2:45. Time to go home and relax.


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