5 more days…


Last week Joe and I asked Taylor for her birthday list…whaaat?!! Ya, this is my soon to be teenage daughter’s “list.”

Me: Taylor do you have a list for us?

Taylor: Ya Mom, I’m just finishing it up. I’ll bring it into you in just a minute. I just have to do one more thing.

Me: Okay

A couple minutes later she hands me this…I’m sure the look on my face was priceless…what was I to say…well…

Me: Nice added look with the use of foam letters to make sure your dad and I didn’t mistake this for some other list we might create like a grocery list…

Taylor: Ya, I wanted it to stand out a little. Plus I saw something like this on TV, but mine doesn’t have glitter. (Me trying to remember where the glitter is, and was this some kind of warning to me as to what I was going to walk into in her room??? Yes, I was a bit scared at that thought!)  I know you’re going  to say no to the stuff I put in the corner. That’s why it says “DREAM” those are my ultimate dream presents (what it doesn’t say is it’s not just a camera, but a Polaroid camera…not just any computer, an Apple MacAir…she’s right…dream presents! and she already has a tripod- so that’s easy)

Me and her dad: Have you lost your mind??!!! a turtle?!!!! Not happening! You have 2 little frogs and 3 dogs! No more pets!

Taylor: Well you asked what I wanted…

Me: (UGH!!) Okay, Taylor, if you think of anything else that you might want…different from the things you’ve listed, let us know… (who knows what door I just opened with that statement!)

Since this “list” was created, we have not added anymore ideas…thankfully! She’ll find out in 5 days, and she is going to be pleasantly surprised that we did get her 5 things from her “list.” And no, a turtle is not one of them. Although my husband did ask 2 days ago if I was sure we didn’t want to get her that…I’m more than sure!                                       Oh Lord help me through the teenage years!!

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3 Responses to 5 more days…

  1. Kim K says:

    Thanks for giving me a preview of what my future holds. lol
    I had to chuckle at the rompers. I just had a discussion with my nieces about them.


  2. Veronica says:

    Oh, gosh, I want to guess turning 13, maybe, 14?

    I have so many of these lists, kept them all. No, they weren’t full-sized charts like this (BRILLIANT DAUGHTER OF YOURS!), but they’re safely tucked away .. I knew it ended at 16ish.

    I need to get smart and take picks of these lists. I’m getting them from my younger girls.

    Thank you so much, I really enjoyed this! Girls!! Yaaaaay!!! Happy Birthday, Mom!


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