Everyone needs a little laugh

While going through my calendar, a student stopped in to say hi. He said, you know when spring break is right…” I shook my head yes. Yes I know when spring break is. He stood there looking at me. OOOhhh, are you asking me when spring break is?? Yes he acknowledged…lol. I knew that, but I was hoping he realized he made a statement versus a question. Oh well…So I gave him the dates.

This student went on to share with me that over spring break he is going to Kentucky. I was curious so I asked what he was going to be doing in Kentucky. He said he’s attending some type of rodeo competition that he was going to be competing in. This student has a true love of horses. He actually owns a horse, although I believe the barn is somewhere further away. He can look at a picture and tell you the breed of horse and many facts about it. He asks me questions all the time about riding, as my daughter used to take lessons. So we have that connection.

As he was telling me about this rodeo competition, he went on to say that they give away some sort of collegeship….he stopped, glanced at me, I could see him mouth the word…collegeship. All the while he’s processing what he said, I’m sitting there shaking my head. He then said wait, it’s scholarship…he shook his head, I laughed and said that’s alright Jermaine, I knew exactly what you were saying…I speak Jermaine…he laughed and walked out of my office, talk to you later Mrs. Zawacki  🙂  That little bit of interaction and little bit of laughter got both of us through what was left in the day. Thanks Jermaine!

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5 Responses to Everyone needs a little laugh

  1. That’s a good one, I bet you speak a lot of languages – Heck, I do too!


  2. Ramona says:

    Love that you shared laughter with your student and this story with us . Collegeship – the word makes me smile!


  3. Kim K says:

    How funny. Makes me wonder how often we just glide over little phrases like that.


  4. Love your last line about a little bit of interaction and a little bit of laughter got both of us through what was left in the day. Laughter is always good for the soul whether you are young or old.


  5. Veronica says:

    Oh, I love it! Bookmarking this conversation! Collegeship! Beautiful moment, thank you!


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