Spring and something more…

I love when it’s March 20th, it’s officially spring! This year I love that the weather is a little more cooperative. At least earlier the sun was out, birds were singing, it wasn’t too windy (for once), and you could be outside in the fresh air enjoying everything out there. I know for a fact that 23 years ago today the weather was a bit different. When I woke up on this morning 23 years ago, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and smile a wide long on my face. I couldn’t wait for this day to get moving. When I looked out the window, for a split second the smile on my face disappeared. It was snowing and the snow was sticking!! How could this be? I have family and friends driving 2-3 hours to spend the day with me. But then, as I looked, the gently floating down from the sky were creating a soft pillowy blanket on the ground and trees. It was quite beautiful. Then a glimpse of Joe popped into my head. The smile quickly returned to my face. This was the man I was going to be saying “I do” to in about 6 hours…oh my gosh!! 6 hours, I was going to be married to my best friend!!

As we began to proceed with the day of getting pampered, the snow tapered off. I breathed a little sigh of relief. Hopefully now those closest to me will have safer roads to drive on and hopefully be here to celebrate with us. As much as I wanted family and friends to be apart of this, I knew everything was okay because I was there as was Joe, our parents, best man and my maid of honor.

So in between getting hair, make-up and nails done, I look outside and now it’s, raining?? Really? A couple hours ago it was snowing, and now it’s raining. Thankfully we brought umbrellas with because of the earlier snow. At least our hair-do’s and my veil were protected! I now have an even larger smile on my face…we’re 2 1/2 hours away from the ceremony!

Now it’s all real (not that it wasn’t before), now I’m putting on my wedding dress with all it’s sequins and beading throughout the dress, on the train, and on my veil. All I can think is, not to shabby for a tom-boy…it’s perfect! Kay, my maid of honor looks out the window. It’s stopped raining and it’s just cloudy. I couldn’t believe it. Only in the Midwest can you get all that in one day. I was beyond excited at this point. Now everything was perfect, and I didn’t care that it was cloudy. No one was going to get wet.

The rest of the day and night of course flew by, but I remember every moment. I’m so very grateful for each little memory that was made that day and night. Most of all, I’m grateful I was asked by my best friend to marry him, and that today we’re celebrating 23 years of not just being together, but being a family.

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5 Responses to Spring and something more…

  1. Lori Sheroan says:

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will celebrate our 20th in June. It’s wonderful to be married to your best friend, and I loved the line…”not to shabby–for a tomboy!”


  2. Kim K says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Must be good luck to have a true Chicago weather wedding. 🙂


  3. schmidtkristas says:

    What a beautiful Anniversary post! Such a turbulent course of memories for you, but I love how you smiled through the good & the bad!


  4. baabazuzu10 says:

    Not too shabby for a “tom boy”…thanks for sharing that awesome day!


  5. MaryHill says:

    I agree with everyone. Great anniversary post full of memories and worries about weather. The weather couldn’t stop your important day, however.


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