I’ve been sitting at the computer now for over an hour. I’m emotionally and mentally drained and it’s only Monday! I had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating my anniversary, and I’m excited for Taylor tomorrow as she turns 13 years old.

Tonight she told me she wants to remember and do everything for one last time as a 12 year old. I want to enjoy everything….not sure that held true as her 15 year old brother decided today he’d really pay her attention calling her his baby sister. He continued to annoy her by trying to hug her and say good night…but you’re my baby sister and you’re turning into a teenager tomorrow. Who is this kid?? And where did he come from?? I had to sit back and let things play out as I was in awe at this moment. Taylor was still yelling at him not to touch her and trying to push him out of her room. She would look over at me and yell, Mom help! I stood there watching and laughing, and she looked at me and did the same. I couldn’t help it. Both my babies were together, even though Ryan’s sincerity may have had an ulterior motive. They are still both my babies. I’m enjoying this moment together excited for the surprises that lye ahead for my teenage daughter, and my  teenage son.

Surprise to me when I wake up in the morning, I am the mom of two teenagers!!

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One Response to Surprise…

  1. Kim K says:

    Yikes! Two teenagers?! You need reinforcements! I bet your kids are top notch though- you’re their mom! Happy Birthday to Taylor!


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