It’s almost official…

My son Ryan is 15. He’s a freshman in high school. Unfortunately the high school he’s attending is one of four high schools in our district, and it’s closing at the end of this school year. This didn’t seem to bother him at all as he began this new journey. He actually went out for the freshman soccer team, which he’s never played soccer a day in his life, and he made the team! I feel his involvement in this sport helped bridge a gap of unknown for him. Soccer practices began 3 weeks before school ever started. So going into his first day of high school, he had already begun to meet a new group of friends.I was so proud of him, which I know he was proud of himself as well.  He was finally part of a team. Something he so wanted through jr. high, but it just never panned out for him.

Three quarters of his freshman year are completed. He has done so well. After the first semester finals he earned honor roll.  Again, I couldn’t be more proud of this young man who’s finding himself and who is in the start of his high school career.

As I’m finishing up here at work, and getting things lined up for tomorrow, I knew he was taking a couple of tests today. I called him to check in and see how things went. His first test was in math. When I asked him how he did, he said, “I really did great on this test! I knew how to do everything and I understand why I’m doing it!” This was music to my ears! Math isn’t always Ryan’s friend… Now to ask him about the second test…he could hear the hesitation in my voice. He asked if someone was in my office. I said no…Mom, are you going to ask me how I did?? The fact he’s asking me this is giving me indication that he’s got more good news….Well…How did you do on the drivers permit test??……He responded, “I PASSED!” That’s fantastic Ryan! I can’t help it but all that’s going through my head is ….O…M….G…..I now have to take him to get his driver’s permit!!!! Which means I/WE have to start teaching him to drive…a real car….AHHHH!!! I’m sure come Monday we’ll have yet another first….his first trip to the DMV to get that official driver’s permit………


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One Response to It’s almost official…

  1. Alright Ryan… First true test will be in two weeks driving down for Cubs opening day and dont bring mom’s truck cause your in charge of parking.


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