Two little letters a TV that have a bigger meaning. We’ve been without use of our TV for almost 2 weeks. We called Direct TV for a service call stating  our receiver stopped working, so we were sent a new upgraded receiver. We were told we would have it no later than Tuesday….Thursday it was delivered. I took the time to follow all the “detailed” directions for proper installation of this newer version receiver. So I’m making every attempt to follow the step by step directions just to become utterly confused.

Step one- plug it in…success, although temporary.

Step two- press the mute button and select button at the same time, then press _ located under the #7 button on the remote…the intention of this step was to sync the remote, which did happen, but then the screen showed what should be displayed for the final step, step 7…what happened to steps three, four, five, and six??

Now things are all out of order and I’m trying my best to make sense of it all. After way too much time was wasted on this, and still no picture coming through on the TV, I decide to contact Direct TV through an online chat.

40 minutes later and after repeating ALL the steps I had just done and figured out on my own, I’m informed by this person behind the screen that they’ve tried all they can and we will have to put in for a service call…This is the point where now I’m getting really irritated…a service call….you mean like the one my husband placed or tried to place with your company a week ago?? And we were told we just needed a new box (receiver)?? Yes, I was sure to let this person behind the screen understand some of my frustration at this point. And yes, I did it in the nicest way I possibly could. And yes, I did give this person a little bit of feedback, just letting them know the importance of listening to the customer- like me for example…all the things you had me do, I let you know in the very beginning what I had already attempted, which was exactly what I did again for you. I needed this person to know I understand they’re trying to help, but I’m really feeling frustrated at the time I feel was wasted doing exactly what I had already done. The response from the world behind the screen…here’s the number to schedule a service call, thank you and good night… Really?? It’s going to be Joe’s turn to deal with these people tomorrow, I’m done.

Right now it’s 1:30 pm. I’m waiting for a technician to show up between 12:00-4:00. As I’m typing this I’m feeling a bit sorry for this person that’s going to walk into my house and going to ask me what’s wrong with my Direct TV….This will definitely be a test of my patience…this will definitely be a test of me being able to let go of a stressful work week, and be cool, calm and collected as I go through the motions again to hopefully get to the source of my TV problem. (It’s a little ironic this is what we want our staff to do with our students. To not bring our “baggage” to school and have it affect our students. Now I’m at home on my day off, I need to let go of all my stressors and not let that affect this person I’ve asked to come into my house…that hopefully is going to fix my TV).


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