I’m bored….today the first day of no school when pretty much any other given Monday there is school, we hear it…I’m bored.

How many different times I’ve tried explaining how as you get older you’re going to wish and dream for those days when you’re bored. How many different times I wished I could say, I’m bored. Why is it as soon as they’re home for more than an hour those ear piercing words are heard in the house…I’m bored.

I have nothing to do, my friends are all out of town or going to Florida. I won’t see them until we go back to school. I can only hang out with this one or that one. OMG, I have to admit right now I’m feeling a bit thankful that I have to work this week while my kids are off. My husband will be home, so he will have to deal with, I’m bored! I do feel the slightest bit of guilt, but then I hear in the near distance- I’m bored…my guilt subsides and I am a bit grateful as tomorrow I get to go to work.



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