At first I think, when will I learn? Why do I keep putting myself out there? I didn’t ask for it this time….

Playing competitive sports is what I did growing up. Basketball, softball, golf and swimming. These were my sports. I was always wanting to play one or the other. Gradually the competitiveness wore off and I played them just for the pure enjoyment of playing. I still will participate in each one of these sports, and I’ve grown to appreciate them and participate in them in different ways now. I find that when I’m doing one of these sports it’s because my kids are involved in playing them. I’ve taught them both to swim (or at least be able to survive in the water, ha ha), I’ve taught them to play golf, just for the fun of it, and I’ve coached both of them in basketball and softball (or baseball).

My son doesn’t play baseball anymore. It seems he’s taking a liking to soccer now that he’s in high school. This is something he’s now having to teach me, because I know nothing about soccer. There are some days where he still shows an interest in basketball, but we’ll have to wait until next year to see if he wants to pursue that.

My daughter still plays basketball and she has a love for softball. I’m one of her coaches of her travel team. I love that I can share my knowledge and love for the game with her and her teammates. But this is when I sometimes think, when will I learn? Why do I keep putting myself out there? Tonight at her practice I once again question why do I keep putting myself out there…tonight I stood behind a screen (for protection), and one at a time I fed balls into the machine. Making sure I was safely behind that screen on every swing. So why is it I’m being very cautious, making sure every pitch I’m safely behind that screen, and I get hit directly in the forearm on a line drive??? I did everything as I was supposed to…this young lady hit the ball so hard, I didn’t have the time to pull my arm out of the way, as I had done for 100 balls before that!! OUCH!!!!! I’m proud of myself I didn’t cry, so I didn’t freak out the 12 year old girl that hit it, and I’m proud of myself that I didn’t swear!! We’ll see what tomorrow brings- soreness, swelling, bruising… OUCH!!!!!

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1 Response to Ouch!!!

  1. Kim K says:

    Oh no! You’re a braver lady than I! I would be a flinching mess. šŸ™‚ ice and Advil. Hope it’s not too bad!


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