March 31, 2016

I’m sitting, thinking about what to write this 31st day of the SOL March writing challenge. My son comes down from his room to see me on the computer pretty much staring at a blank screen. Of course he asks what I’m writing about and if I’m going to write about him. I respond with, sure Ryan, I’ll write about you. So I turn the next question on him, “what should I write about?” His immediate response, “write about how I’m as tall as you today!”

Ryan has had a bit of misfortune in taking after me rather than his father when it comes to height. My husband is 6’4″, I’m only 5’4″. Going through Jr. High and now into high school, pretty much not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind me in one way or another how unfair it is Taylor is taller than him and 2 years younger.

Today when I got home from work, Ryan was walking out of our room. He was watching golf with his dad. He walks over to me with his arms extended. (I have to admit how much I love and cherish the fact that my 15 year old wants a hug daily from his mom). I am the luckiest mom in the world! As he approaches me, his extended arms wrap themselves around me. But this hug is different from others as he releases his arms quickly. He gazes into my eyes. In this gaze, I know exactly where this conversation is headed, as I’m having similar thoughts. He asks me, “MOM, did you shrink today??!” Is this possible? Did he really grow overnight?? We stand back to back and ask my husband, are we really the same height?! Ya, you’re pretty much the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Both our dreams are coming true! It’s taken a lot of patience, although the patience was lost at times turning into melt downs, he’s hopefully, finally having a growth spurt! I don’t think there’s a foot of growth in there, but I’d be ecstatic for this to be an 8 inch spurt! Is that possible?? I guess time will tell.


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One Response to March 31, 2016

  1. I love hugs! Very sweet!


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