Where has the time gone?? How is it possible?? You snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking…or so it seems. It’s already March 1. Two complete months of this new year, 6 months completed of this school year…Again I must say, how is it possible??

March 1st has so many meanings. Most importantly, we’ve made it through February! No snow, a few spectacular weather days, which led to some not so pleasant, and very dangerous weather yesterday. But today is March 1st! Spring is only 19 days away, how awesome is that?!! But today is March 1st! In just a short five days the window opens for PARCC…seriously, where has the time gone?? How is this even possible?? But today is March 1st! This means today starts our Slice of Life Challenge! 31 days of writing, 31 days of sharing, and 31 days of reading. I am making the commitment to write every day, but I am most excited to read the posts of some of the most amazing authors I know.

I really don’t know where the time has gone…and I don’t know how it’s possible, but here we go, because today is March 1st!!

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5 Responses to Welcome…

  1. mrssurridge says:

    Yay! March first! I am also marveling at how quickly the time has gone. January and February were a blur with at least two major additional school events every week. This is our first week that our schedule has been “back to normal”–whatever THAT is. So glad we get to commit to the same thing for an entire month!


  2. crobertson says:

    Yeah!!! I’m so thrilled to read your writing! It was that chocolate huh…😉.


  3. Sonia says:

    I know exactly how you feel — how did it get to be March already. I like the way you highlighted that sense of surprise/urgency/disbelief/eagerness with the repetition. And only 19 more days until spring…


  4. ccahill2013 says:

    Welcome back to the party! Woo Hoo!!!!


  5. Days go by slow, but years go by fast or something like that! Can’t wait to read more, Tammy!


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