10 minutes….

Upstairs there’s pouring of water as someone is taking a shower…..

A click…a clack as the heating vents contract…..

Every five minutes, the distant roar of a jet flying overhead…..

The occasional deep sigh and snore of a pug deep in her sleep….

A burst of laughter, then it is gone….

A hacking cough, I wish it would leave our house…

Wooooosh…the heat kicks on again.

Foot steps upstairs and now they’re gone…the creek of a chair and then thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…my oldest runs down the stairs.

Ryan- What are you doing?

Me- it’s March, I’m writing. Do you need the computer?

Ryan- Ya, but you go ahead and finish, then I’ll finish up my paper.

Taylor- Mom, can I take more medicine now?

Me- Yes, it’s been 6 hours…

The roar of a jet slowly gets softer as it fades into the distance…

Tick…tock….tick…tock… goes the clock in the kitchen….

The snores are louder, our pug continues in her deep, deep sleep….but now there’s another grumbling snore. Our puggle has curled up next to her and has joined her in this deep, deep sleep.

The creeks, the cracks, the noises of the house settling….

A car rumbles down the street…

Yet another roaring jet fades into the distance….

dodo- dodo-dodo-dodo, a train chugs it’s way down the track…

A deep laugh followed by sounds of a language I don’t speak…it’s only understood by 16 year old boys, I think.

The TV is off, the silence is golden. For these 10 minutes, there’s no arguing, no TV, no phones, no barking dogs, no yelling…. just relaxing, peaceful, golden silence.


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3 Responses to 10 minutes….

  1. I’ve never thought about how noisy everyday life in a family can be. It is rare at this house to have even ten minutes of silence too. Great slice. I could almost hear your home’s hum!


  2. Ellen Smith says:

    Lovely – I envy you the silence! All of the images you share are well done!


  3. Katie Diez says:

    I love that you told this slice in the noises of your world….it gave me a glimpse into your weekend…great slice!


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