The Midwest

Sometimes, okay many times I ask myself…why do I live here??I know I’ve grown up living in Illinois my whole life. I grew up in the Quad Cities, and now live in a south suburb of Chicago.

I can remember as a kid growing up we had four seasons- you know them, winter, spring, summer, and fall. One of my favorite winters was 1978. We had a ton of snow! It was the best ever! My friends and I made an amazing snow fort, it was really an igloo. We of course wanted to be like the eskimos and sleep in it, but our parents were never quite alright with that… Summers were spent outside all day long. Of course there were a few scorching days, but we lived to be outside. Fall time was just that, fall. You’d need a jacket or sweatshirt, long pants, and shoes, usually gym shoes. Then there were the spring days…beautiful! Trees budding, flowers peeking through the soil, cool but gorgeous days. Again, don’t get me wrong, not every day was like that. But this is what stands out to me as I think back.

Now growing up in the Quad Cities, the big question was, what side of the Mississippi River do you live on? Are you from Illinois or Iowa Quad Cities? I had always heard Chicago was known as the Windy City…how windy could it really be?? WINDY!!!!!

So I’d love for everyone to think that as I’m looking back, I’m referring to a mere 10 years ago…in my dreams!! No, unfortunately it’s been much longer than that, but we don’t have to get into those details. You’re probably thinking right about now, what in the world is she getting at? What is the point to all of this?

The question on my mind is why do I continue to live in the Midwest? Who in their right mind wants to experience all 4 seasons within a weeks time frame? Apparently me…Where else but the Midwest can it be 40 degrees and sunny one day, the next day it’s 60 degrees and cloudy, not to leave out 40 mph wind gusts, then in 4 days a potential of 3 inches of SNOW?!! We’ve had some of the craziest weather..70 degree days in February, and tornados. It never gets that warm in the Spring. Where can you experience all that, Illinois to be exact. Oh, I almost forgot the most important detail…it’s still WINTER!!

So again I ask myself, why do I live in the Midwest???

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2 Responses to The Midwest

  1. Katie Diez says:

    The weather out here is pretty interesting! I love that you gave the reader a bit of history about you and your Midwest life!


  2. nbressanelli says:

    One of the things I love about the Midwest is that you get a little bit of everything. Great slice!


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