A dog’s life…

I have three of them, yes I know that makes me a bit insane… One sleeps with us, only because she’s outgrown her cage…I couldn’t stand looking at her like a stuffed sausage in her cage. The other two have been together the longest. Their cages are side by side. I’m guessing each night as I put them to bed in their cages, they must be thinking, hey what about Zippy?? Why can’t we stay with her on the bed, we like the bed too! but that’s how it is. Zippy sleeps on the bed, although many times during the night I think she ventures her way down to Roxi and Misti to see if there’s any chance she might be able to figure out that gate thing and let them out! So far she’s not that smart of a dog…

So morning comes, and the barking begins…everyone is awake and ready to start their day. But what exactly happens during the day in a dog’s life? Well, these three each have their won little quirkiness to them. Zippy doesn’t want to share anything, especially food, but she’s the first to start the barking. Once inside the gate, she paws at the other two cages until they are free. There’s only one reason this happens…Zippy wants any food they may have left behind from the night before. Zippy is the nosiest of the three dogs. She could be sound asleep anywhere in the house and when she hears a noise, she’ll jump up and run to where she’s heard a sound and bark. If I put a Fitbit on that dog, she’d probably have 10,000-15,000 steps everyday!!

Roxi our Pug has one and only one agenda…she wants to go outside, take care of business, then spend the next twelve hours on the bed. Oh what a life. She will wedge herself in amongst the blankets and she is set for the day. The only thing that might get her to move is food. She’s the easy going, lazy dog.

Misti is the smallest. She’s a 6 lb Pomeranian. Once awake, she sprints outside, takes care of her business and scurries back inside to get her treat. She spends the day and night in our kitchen. She’s the oldest and she won’t do the stairs. She’s very capable of it, but she just won’t. She is our watch dog…and by watch dog I mean she will bark at anyone she doesn’t know and any sound she hears. She will truly watch someone, bark and run to her bed in the kitchen.

A dog’s life… there are times I wouldn’t mind trying that life…

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