Today we had a science assembly during the day and a family science night. The kids loved getting to participate with hands-on science. The theme was electricity. How do we get electricity?  What’s an electrical current? What are ions? How do you create static electricity?

As I’m watching and listening, I smile. I’m watching the enjoyment on the kids faces. The angst to be chosen to come up to the front of the gym to get to be part of an experiment or demonstration with electricity. Some students showing hesitation and making the choice to just observe. All kids were enjoying themselves.

But as I watch and listen, I can’t help but think of my daughter and her softball team. I smile and shake my head. I wish they could all be here right now to share an experiment they did with another team in the middle of one of our practices…you see, one of our high school helpers wanted to try something with all the girls that were at practice. I knew what she wanted to do as she tried doing this with just a few girls on Taylor’s team the year before. Abby told all the girls to line up and touch just one finger to one finger of the girl standing on either side so that they were connected. Abby explained to the other coaches what was hopefully going to happen…the other coaches said there was no way this would ever work. I spoke up and said Abby was able to make this happen with 7 of our girls last year. Go ahead and try….

Abby lines up all 18 girls. Each is touching one finger to the finger of the girl standing next to her. All the girls are asking and questioning what in the world they’re doing. So as they stand there finger to finger Abby announces…when I touch this steel beam, an electrical current will travel through each of us in the form of a shock. If it works, all 18 of us from the first to the last will feel the shock….of course I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity, I ran and grabbed my camera! You could hear, “no way this won’t work,” “this isn’t possible,.” As the girls stood in a line finger to finger, I shouted to them, drag your feet…all the girls with smiles and looks of wonder, shuffled their feet back and forth on the turf. Abby yelled, is everyone ready?? They remained touching one finer to one finger….then she touched the beam…………..”AHHHHH!!!!”   A shock was felt from the first to the eighteenth girl… That’s how electricity works! ( I have the video of this, but I couldn’t get it to upload …it’s entertaining!)


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