Second time around…

She was eight years old and so desperately wanted to get pierced ears. We talked about it, and I shared how I was ten when I first had my ears pierced, and twelve when I got my second piercing. She really, really wanted them pierced, so her Dad and I agreed to go ahead and get them pierced… we thought things were going really well. She was cleaning them as she needed to, and spinning those little flowers like no tomorrow. I was very proud of how she took on the responsibility of caring for her ears. But then there was that one day…I looked at her ears closely as I had done at some point everyday, but today there was something different. Are you kidding? Her one ear was infected. We had to immediately remove the earrings and allow her ears to heal. Of course during this time the holes closed up. She was so upset and said she would never ever get them pierced again…

Well, six years later for her birthday she asked to get her ears pierced again…Her birthday is in three days, but with our busy schedules today was the best day. As we waited in line for her turn, the nerves and thoughts of six years ago came flooding back. Mom, once I do this, should I wear my hair up everyday for six weeks? What do I do if this happens again? Part of her problem with the infection the first time was a few pieces of her long hair wrapped themselves around the posts and started to go in the hole. I tried consoling her, that now that she’s fourteen, she’s more responsible and knows and understands even more what she needs to watch for and how to take even better care of her ears. I promised her that I would help her in checking to make sure every morning and night her ears look healthy and all her hair is  unattached to the posts… So now it’s her turn. She’s picked out her earrings. She asked the girl who was amazing in her patience and taking the time to answer all of Taylor’s questions, if there was any way she could have them both done at the same time. As I said before, this girl was amazing…she called for another girl to come over. Taylor’s ears were marked, they both loaded their guns with her brand new “diamond” earrings, she closed her eyes, and all you heard was 1…2…3…click…she was done… she opened her eyes and smiled…then with a cringe, and biting her lip, I swear she mouthed- holy shit that hurts! My mom and I about died laughing… and yes, when she got up, she admitted she mouthed it, but didn’t say it out loud….LOL! I know, just like when little kids swear, you’re not supposed to laugh…even at almost fourteen, I couldn’t help myself. So today is the first day of her second time around…

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One Response to Second time around…

  1. Chalice says:

    What a great thing to see that she has grown and knows how to take care of her ears. 🙂


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