First Day of Spring= Happy Anniversary

March 20th means it’s the first day of Spring. This is the first year I really remember on this first day of spring seeing so many visual signs of spring…I’ve seen robins, cardinals, some green grass, 50 degree days (and higher), and a multitude of blooms from plants, flowers and buds on trees. It’s exciting to know warmer weather is here. Spring time also means the school year is heading into it’s final quarter. (How crazy is that?!)

March 20th also means another year we’ve vowed to stick together through sickness and in health, good times and bad, and for richer or poorer. I look back at the pictures when we were first in college dating…those are some great pictures…although, what the heck was I thinking with my hair?!! I’m not quite sure where that would fall into our vows, but that didn’t deter either of us from wanting to spend the rest of our lives together. We’ve had so many highs and lows that we have survived and become stronger together. I could not imagine life with anyone else other than Joe, my husband. I only wish as we celebrate our 24th anniversary, you weren’t in pain after having two teeth pulled earlier today 😦 Not exactly the best way to spend our anniversary, but another memorable one because we’re together…

First Day of Spring = Happy Anniversary!!

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