March 22

Something just felt different. As we started our morning we sat at the kitchen table, the two of us with Ryan who was sitting in his booster seat with his plate of eggs, piece of toast, and a small container of Cheerios. As I sat watching Ryan enjoying his breakfast, I was just feeling a little different that morning. I told Joe, don’t go to far away today, things feel different. He looked at me as though an alien might pop out of me at that very moment…Nothing is happening yet! I tried to reassure him.

As the day progressed, I was right. Today is very different from my past days. My stomach is feeling crampy at times, and it’s getting very tight. I look at the clock, it’s about 11:45. The crampy feeling is gone. A little while later it happens again, so I look at the clock, and now it’s 11:55…Oh boy, or should I say Oh girl! So this goes on for the next hour, like clock work every 10 minutes feeling very blah and crampy. I call Joe because of course it was Saturday and he had run out to grab some supplies for the guy that was at the house to finish our basement. He of course overheard me call Joe and he immediately asked me if I wanted him to leave…thinking about it now is pretty funny. He wanted no part of being in our house if I was going to go into labor with him there. Oh wait, sorry Eric, it’s already happening. He went to the basement and that was the last I saw of him, ha ha. Joe comes in the door about 5 minutes later.

In the next hour it’s official, I may have wanted to think this wasn’t real and wasn’t happening today, but it was. Every 10 minutes…9 minutes…8…7…6… It’s about 2:30, I call Joe upstairs, I think we need to call the Dr. My contractions are 5 minutes apart…Even though we had been through this before, this was the first time everything was happening without any medicine, and we’re still at home! I make the call to my Dr. She tells me we need to go to the hospital now, she will call to let them know we’re on our way, but I won’t be there to deliver your baby…I tried so hard to keep the feelings inside, but I couldn’t. I start to cry. My Dr. was on her way to a family birthday party up north with her 6yr old daughter. She apologized, but said she wouldn’t be there. She lets me know she will stop by the hospital to check on me in the morning. I say okay and hang up. My mom comes over to take Ryan and we head to the hospital. As we walk in the hospital, a nurse is waiting to take us up to our room. As we wait for the elevator she leans over and says, “I don’t know what relationship you have or how you know Dr. Mullin, but she’s on her way here.” I said, no I just talked to her on the phone and she’s got a family birthday party. The nurse said, “no, she changed her plans and she and her daughter are on their way here to deliver your baby.” What am I supposed to do, how am I supposed to react?? I start crying!!  By the time we’re settled in the room, Dr. Mullin walks in and smiles. She asks me if we’re ready to bring this baby girl into the world.

It’s Saturday, March 22, 2003. It’s 7:10 pm. Our baby girl is born…all 9 lbs-3oz and 23 inches. She’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she’s healthy, and boy does she have strong lungs! It truly feels like yesterday that she was born and that my 2yr old son was coming to visit to meet this new baby sister. It’s hard to believe 14 years has gone by. But what an amazing experience to have watched you and your brother grow into the amazing young adults you’re becoming. There are times I’m sad that you’re not little any more, but I’m so excited to see what the future holds for each of you. I am very blessed to have the son and daughter I have. We laugh, we smile, we sometimes cry, we challenge each other and push each other to become better than what we were before. I am honored and proud to be you mother. Today I have a 16 yr old son and a 14 yr old daughter. Happy Birthday Taylor!

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One Response to March 22

  1. KScheirer says:

    Happy birthday to Taylor! I love hearing these stories!


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