Taylor is 12 turning 13 in 14 days. She is the baby of the family. As I’ve watched her through the years, I’m filled with pride, joy, excitement and tears. I couldn’t be more proud of the young lady she’s turning into. She’s kind, out going, funny, and willing to help when needed or when she sees the opportunity.

Ever since she’s been very young, I’ve called her my human sponge. She’s watched her brother Ryan- learning everything from him, watching and listening and taking it all in. She’s taken this and what her dad and I have instilled in her and blossomed into this beautiful, caring young lady. Don’t get me wrong, things are by no means perfect…she is becoming a teenager after all, so there’s a lot that comes along with that, and maybe a little drama…HA!

I’ve had teachers over the years tell me how mature she is. This year her teachers told me they don’t come across many 7th graders with this kind of maturity, and that she just gets things as in the bigger picture. They also tell me how she looks to the future when working on things and figuring them out. I can’t help but smile…but at the same time I wish she’d show a little more of that at home 🙂

Taylor is a mini-me. I can see it, my parents see it, friends and family see it, when people meet her they even see it. She not only looks like me, at times she talks and acts like me. There have been times we just laugh…I tell her she can’t act like me and say things as I would and use them against me!  My mini-me is also falling in love with a sport I grew up playing and went on to college to play…softball. This just adds to the special bond we have.

I can’t believe my mini-me is turning 13, very soon!


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2 Responses to Taylor…mini-me…

  1. Amanda Regan says:

    What a wonderful celebration of your daughter! My older son is 13 and sometimes I am completely amazed by him. The teen years can be kind of scary, but it sure is exciting to see them growing up.


  2. litcoach64 says:

    How fast they grow up! What a wonderful homage to your daughter!


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