Missing You

I’m thinking of you a lot today.

I don’t know what’s triggered my thoughts,

I’m reliving all the time we were together,

even though it was not a lot.

When I think back it’s not fair, 24 hours is all we had.

In those 24 hours I lived a full life with you.

I held you, and slept with you in my arms so tight

Nothing can ever replace this,

Those memories are mine.

Just once in awhile I get sad and have to relive our time.

I’m missing you so much,

I wish someway somehow I could hold you in my arms again,

Maybe tonight will be the night we meet in my dreams again.

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6 Responses to Missing You

  1. What precious words. I know they were heard and I hope you get that dream you want.


  2. peteacher1 says:

    Such raw emotion, Tammy! I think this slicing has brought out some healthy emotions. There is no doubt that Joey knows how you feel and what a sweet homecoming you will have…hopefully later than sooner! “Those memories are mine” speaks so loudly. You obviously hold them so dear, just like you did him. Beautiful, emotional slice!

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  3. Malekka says:

    Those words were beautiful. They brought me to tears. I hope you dream a little dream tonight.

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