H- Head hurts so bad I cannot concentrate. How I’m getting this done, I don’t quite know.

E- Everybody gets them, but why are some so bad? To my knowledge I do not have migraines…and if this isn’t one, I really don’t want to find out what one is! I feel for all those who get them, and how do you make it through the pain?

A- Actually went straight to bed when I got home from work today. My kids said, Mom looks really tired. I love them dearly as they just allowed me to rest.

D- Determined to beat this, I’m trying so hard not to give in.

A- Am I a wimp that I’m not handling this so well?

C- Certainly thankful tonight wasn’t a dreaded night of homework! That would have been difficult to do that kind of work.

H- How long will this last? I hope not for long.

E- Everybody get headaches once in awhile. Today was my turn, I didn’t give in. I signed up for this challenge which I’m getting my slice in. Sorry headache, today I may have needed some extra rest, but today was a day I wouldn’t let you win.

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7 Responses to Headache

  1. gill94 says:

    Despite your headache, this is a creatively written post. I hope you get some rest, and feel better soon 🙂

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  2. cndmendez says:

    Great slice…despite of pain…feel better!

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  3. Dana Murphy says:

    Tammy, I had a killer migraine last night. I was so thankful when I woke up this morning and it was gone. I hope your headache is gone, too. Bravo to you for getting your Slice in despite your pain!


  4. Yucky! Feel better soon… as least you got to slice… my headache stopped me from slicing yesterday. Get some rest!

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